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M'aimer pour qui je suis

Love me for who I am

10 January
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I'm bad at making decisions.
I think too much.
I'm extremely moody.
I have too many vices.
I'm neurotic.
I like guys.
I'm artsy, but not really talented.
I think I'm hilariously funny.
I'm overly cynical.

I work too much.
I'm superstitious.
I have an insanely accurate memory.
I am addicted to Degrassi.
I love my friends to death.
I don't believe in love.
I have blonde hair in the summer, and brown hair in the winter...naturally.
I travel a lot.
I'm very trusting.
I've been hurt a lot.
I'm addicted to caffine.
I'm going to work on Broadway.
I sing Soprano
My family is important to me.
Music is pretty much my life.
Even though I don't believe in love, I've fallen for someone.
I like to write poetry, lyrics and short stories.
I have manic depression.
I can lose myself in a good book.
I have a certain fondness for 'chick flicks.'
But I love horror more.
My favorite movie is "Saw."
My favorite actor has always been Robin Williams.
My hero is Angelina Jolie.
I'm hoping to go to The Boston Conservatory or Itheca College.
I laugh at myself a lot.
I believe in the inherent good of man.
I'm not very religious.
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Flatter me, and I may not believe you.
Criticize me, and I may not like you.
Ignore me, and I may not forgive you.
Encourage me, and I will not forget you.
Love me and I may be forced to love you.

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--William Arthur Ward
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